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Everest Trekking Guide Hire - Guide and Porter Hire from Lukla

Trekking Guide Hire from Lukla | Trek Guide Hire for Everest Base Camp Trek | Trekking Guide Hire for Gokyo Lake Trek| Trek Guide Hire for Everest Three High Passes Trek

Looking for a guide and porter hire from Lukla for your Everest trekking? We offer guide and porter hire service from Lukla. For those who want to hire guide/porter from Lukla for their trekking to Everest to guide on the route and carry luggage during trekking days.

If you hire guide and porter from Lukla which saves the cost of Kathmandu Lukla flight fare of guide and porter. Paying the cost of trekking days only to hire a professional and experience guide, guide cum porter and porter only is similar to the guide hire from Kathmandu.

We provide mainly three types on hire from Lukla

Guide Hire

A license holder trekking guide licensed by Government of Nepal is provided to guide you during the trek. Trekking guide provides route information, take care of your health condition, and arrange hotel/lodge during the trek for you. Our guides are experienced and helpful. If you trek with trekking guide then you don’t need to worry for the coming problems during the trek.

Guide cum Porter Hire

If you want an English speaking guide and supports to carry to bag about 10kgs, then these guide cum porter are best option for you. A guide just show you the way and arrangement during the trek but a guide cum porter also carries your small baggage. So if you are just in light backpack, then hire our guide cum porter for your trekking in Everest region.

 Porter Only Hire

If you don’t need extra information about the locations and speaking with you is not compulsory then, you can hire our porters to carry your baggage. Porters are strong and can carry your baggage up to 20kgs, you can hire them. They don’t speak English and might not know about the trekking route. They follow you by carrying your bags. If you trek only with porter, then you need to arrange hotel, food and necessary services on your own.

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide Hire

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is an adventure of a lifetime, but the terrain and altitude present unique challenges. Hiring a guide is crucial for multiple reasons. Firstly, a seasoned guide provides invaluable knowledge about the route, ensuring that trekkers do not lose their way in remote areas. They are familiar with the geography, weather conditions, and potential hazards. They also possess deep cultural insights, helping trekkers to interact meaningfully with the local Sherpa community, enhancing the overall experience.

Additionally, the high altitudes can be treacherous for those unacquainted with the symptoms of altitude sickness. A trained guide can recognize early warning signs and advise on necessary precautions. On the other hand, hiring a porter is essential for those who want to focus on the trek and conserve their energy. Carrying heavy backpacks can be strenuous, especially at higher altitudes. Porters help in transporting the majority of your weight, allowing trekkers to enjoy the majestic views without the burden of their luggage, reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.

How to Hire a Guide and Porter for the EBC Trek?

When considering hiring a guide or porter for the Everest Base Camp trek, it's essential to do so through reputable trekking agencies or local cooperatives in Kathmandu or Lukla. These agencies ensure that guides and porters are experienced, well-equipped, and familiar with the trek's nuances. Before hiring, discuss all details, including costs, the guide's and porter's experience, and any additional services they might provide. Ensure that the guides are certified and have received training in first aid and altitude sickness. It's also a noble practice to ensure that porters are provided with appropriate gear, fair wages, and are not overloaded. Word of mouth and online reviews can also be helpful in choosing a trusted agency or individual. Remember, by hiring a guide and porter, not only are you ensuring a safer trek for yourself, but you are also contributing to the local economy, providing livelihoods to many in the region.

Hiring a Guide for the Gokyo Lake Trek:

The Gokyo Lake Trek is one of the most spectacular treks in the Everest region, leading trekkers through the picturesque Gokyo Valley with its emerald lakes and offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks. Given the trek's complexity and remote nature, hiring a guide is highly advisable for several reasons:

  1. Local Knowledge: A guide provides invaluable knowledge about the trek, ensuring you're on the right path and informing you about the local culture, traditions, and the region's flora and fauna.

  2. Safety: Trained guides are familiar with the high-altitude environment and can identify early signs of altitude sickness or other health complications. They also have knowledge about the local weather patterns and can advise on any sudden changes that might impact the trek.

  3. Logistical Support: A guide can help in arranging accommodation in tea houses, negotiating prices, and ensuring you get the best available services. This can be crucial in peak trekking seasons when lodges can get fully booked.

  4. Cultural Interaction: One of the trek's highlights is interacting with the local Sherpa community. A guide can act as an interpreter, enriching your experience.

How to Hire a Guide for the Gokyo Lake Trek:

  1. Reputable Trekking Agencies: The safest way to hire a guide is through established trekking agencies in Kathmandu or other major cities. These agencies have certified guides who are trained and have proper knowledge about the Gokyo Lake Trek route.

  2. Check Certifications: Ensure that the guide is certified by the Nepal Government and has completed the necessary training. They should also possess a valid license issued by the Nepal Tourism Board.

  3. Discuss Details: Before hiring, clarify all details, including the cost, services included, the guide's experience, and any additional charges.

  4. Recommendations and Reviews: Check online forums, websites, or travel platforms for reviews about the guide or agency. Personal recommendations from fellow trekkers can also be invaluable.

  5. Fair Treatment: Ensure that the guide (and porters, if hired) is treated fairly, receives proper equipment for the trek, and is insured. This ensures their well-being and encourages responsible tourism.

By hiring a guide for the Gokyo Lake Trek, you're not just ensuring a safer and more informative trek for yourself, but you're also supporting the livelihoods of locals in the Everest region.

Trekking Guide Hire for Everest Three High Passes Trek

The Everest Three High Passes Trek is one of Nepal's most challenging and exhilarating treks, encompassing Renjo La, Cho La, and Kongma La passes. Given the trek's technical nature and high-altitude challenges, hiring a guide is essential. Experienced guides provide in-depth knowledge about the intricate routes, ensuring trekkers navigate safely through potential avalanche zones and glacier crossings.

Furthermore, these guides are trained to identify early signs of altitude sickness, a vital aspect given the trek's elevation. Besides safety, a guide enhances the trekking experience by sharing insights into the region's unique culture, flora, and fauna.

To hire a guide, it's recommended to ensuring the guide is government-certified and well-acquainted with the Three High Passes route.

Engaging a guide not only ensures a safe and enriching experience but also supports the local Sherpa community's livelihood.

Guide/Porter Hire Cost

Meeting Place Lukla
Guide Cost: US$ 35 per day
Guide Cum Porter Cost US$ 30 per day
Porter Cost: US$ 25 per day

If you want to hire guide, guide cum porter or porter only, then contact us via phone or email.

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